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A New Corvette-Based V8 DeLorean Is On The Way With Gullwings
Speaking with Hagerty, DeLorean Next Gen Motors’ CEO confirmed the company will reskin the C8 Corvette as its own car, complete with gullwing doors
18 Oct 2023
1,000bhp Hennessey Exorcist Final Edition Arrives to Expel Demons Once and For All
Hennessey’s latest reworked Camaro ZL1 boosts power by 350bhp and 316lb-ft of torque over stock, with production limited to just 57 examples
11 Oct 2023
This ‘Barn Find’ Is A Dusty Treasure Trove Featuring Multiple Corvettes
A 23-strong collection of cars has been uncovered in Alabama featuring various low-mileage Americana gems
Behold The Jeep Gladiator, America’s Newest 14-Year-Old Pickup
After emerging as a concept as far back as 2004, the Jeep Gladiator mid-size pickup has finally made its entrance
28 Nov 2018
Toyota Has Added TRD Spice To The Camry And Avalon
Check out these warmed-up saloons from Toyota, displaying an impressively level of aesthetic commitment through body kits, etched exhausts and new interior design
14 Nov 2018
Chevrolet’s New COPO Drag Racer Is A 9-Second Electric Car
General Motors has unveiled a new eCOPO concept in a Camaro shell, as a toe dipped into the water of where the COPO programme is headed
30 Oct 2018
A Four-Door Mustang Is Coming And There’s A Snowball Fight In Hell
Ford dealers are reporting that the company has told them to expect a four-door Mustang aimed at competing with, astonishingly, the Porsche Panamera
30 Oct 2018
Chevrolet Is Rushing Another Camaro Facelift After Sales Plunge
Sales of the excellent Camaro have taken a serious dive, and the root cause has been traced to a 2019 model facelift that has not gone down well at all
23 Oct 2018
Kahn Design’s New Custom Jeep Is Unexpectedly Sane, And We Like It
Built in collaboration with the Chelsea Truck Company, the new Kahn-customised Wrangler is far from crazy, and it’s all the better for it
15 Oct 2018
The Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 Bison Is A Beefed-Up Off-Road Menace
A new collaboration between Chevrolet and American Expedition Vehicles has produced this, a Colorado ZR2 truck with a little added beef
06 Sep 2018
This Ruined Corvette Grand Sport Was Wrecked After Just 15 Miles
The Corvette Grand Sport is a beautiful, desirable and brilliant car... although not this one, which was punted into a wall just 15 miles into its life
23 Jul 2018
Silence, Please: Dodge Has Built The Final Challenger SRT Demon
Don your black armbands and stand to attention, boys and girls: the very last Dodge Challenger SRT Demon has left the factory
31 May 2018
Just How Worn Out Is A 106,000-Mile Tesla Model S's Battery?
Used car madman Tyler Hoover has just come over all environmentally conscious and bought the cheapest Tesla Model S in the USA... but how is the battery doing?
31 May 2018
The 710bhp Roush Jackhammer Is A Mustang To Tame The Hellcat
Dodge started a power war when it announced the Hellcat, and now Ford fans have their riposte with a 710bhp, supercharged Roush Mustang
03 May 2018
This Unique 1967 Corvette L88 Is The US Legend You Can’t Drive
Restored over a decade using authentic parts, this is the only Sunfire Yellow Corvette L88 in existence – but you can’t legally drive it on the road
19 Apr 2018
This Is Your First Teaser Of The Next Chevrolet Silverado HD Truck
Chevrolet has released a teaser image of an angry-looking new Silverado HD pickup, just as the model goes out for real-world testing
11 Apr 2018
Tesla's Model 3 Is Still Out-Built By 70 Other Cars On US Soil
While Tesla celebrates finally passing the 2000 cars per week mark, industry observers have pointed out how slow and inefficient the process still is...
04 Apr 2018
The Old Dodge Viper Factory Is Being Turned Into A Museum
FCA in North America is bringing its amazing classic and concept car collection together into one awesome new museum in Detroit - but you're not invited yet
22 Mar 2018
Cadillac Has Gone All Euro With A 550bhp Twin-Turbo 'Hot' V8
Cadillac has launched the new CT6 V-Sport sports saloon, alongside the clever and mighty twin-turbo 4.2-litre V8 that will feed it as much as 550bhp
22 Mar 2018
This Tesla Model 3 Burned A Set Of Brake Pads In Just 9 Track Miles
At a Laguna Seca track day, this Model 3 owner discovered just how quickly his car will grind through a whole set of brake pads
15 Mar 2018
This Is The Stunning New Ford GT Livery The Public Can't Buy
Pictures have surfaced of a new tri-colour livery just for Ford employees, based on the latest racing livery for the 2018 season
19 Feb 2018
John Cena Is Fighting Back Against Ford's 'No Resale' Lawsuit
Wrestling star John Cena has at last responded to Ford's legal action after he sold his Ford GT just two weeks after receiving it, and he says he's done nothing wrong
15 Feb 2018
The Laramie Longhorn Ram Is The Cow-Themed Pickup Texas Will Love
Ram has released the latest in a line of luxurious special edition pickups that apparently celebrates the southern cowhand lifestyle
30 Jan 2018
This Right-Hand Drive F-150 Raptor Is A UK First... But Costs £108,000
While British roads are far too small for the F-150 Raptor to make sense, a specialist car dealer in London has developed a right-hand drive conversion anyway...
29 Jan 2018
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