Toyota Supra GRMN On The Way With An M3 Engine And A Manual
A development mule for the hardcore Supra GRMN has been spotted at the ‘Ring, and is expected to take BMW’s S58 engine.
25 Oct 2023
Subaru Sport Mobility Concept Offers More Questions Than Answers
Subaru Sport Mobility concept showcases ‘the enjoyment that Subaru offers in the age of electrification’ - but what is it?
25 Oct 2023
Toyota FT-Se Concept Revealed - Is This The Next Toyota MR2?
Toyota has revealed a show car that further evolves the Sports EV concept of 2021
25 Oct 2023
Mazda Iconic SP Concept Teases The Next Rotary Range-Extender MX-5
New EV MX-5 looks set to get a two-rotor range-extender, with 370bhp to call upon
25 Oct 2023
Surprise Honda Prelude Concept Looks Ready For Production
With no warning or fanfare, Honda has dropped a Prelude Concept on us. It doesn’t look too far from road-ready either…
25 Oct 2023
1,341bhp Nissan Hyper Force Concept Previews The Electric R36 GT-R
Finally, the R36 GT-R looks to be coming - and it’s hiding within the Hyper Force concept
25 Oct 2023
Toyota’s New Electric Land Cruiser Concept Drops The Off-Road Act
Set to be showcased at the Tokyo Mobility Show, the Toyota Land Cruiser Se concept previews an upcoming EV version of the SUV
23 Oct 2023
Mazda CX-60 Inline-Six Diesel Review: Like An Old BMW, In A Good Way
The trend-bucking 3.3-litre diesel engine in the CX-60 is a pleasant throwback, but the car itself has a few flaws
22 Oct 2023
Every Car From Initial D, And Our Top 10 Ranked
Initial D stands among the most iconic pieces of motoring media. Here, we pick our favourite cars from the series.
21 Oct 2023
Could Toyota’s New Automatic Gearbox Be The Perfect Manual Replacement?
Toyota says its new Direct Automatic Transmission has been developed to be faster than manuals, and it’s currently being put through its paces in Super Taikyu
20 Oct 2023
This Retro Mazda Concept Almost Made The Rotary MX-5 A Reality
Unveiled at the 2002 Tokyo Auto Salon, the Mazda Cosmo 21 put a Renesis rotary engine into an MX-5. What could’ve been…
19 Oct 2023
New Toyota Celica Hinted By Company Chairman
Toyota’s chairman Akio Toyoda seemed to suggest the Celica name was coming back in an interview
17 Oct 2023
This 4.0 Mazda Engine Is The Best Japanese V12 Never Made
Mazda once developed a V12 engine intended for ‘the best car in the world’, but the project was canned in 1992.
16 Oct 2023
An Idiot's Guide To The Toyota Supra: History and Generations
Famed as one of Japan's greatest grand tourers, the Toyota Supra has grown to become one of motoring's most recognisable nameplates.
16 Oct 2023
Mazda Once Made a 2.25-litre V6 And It’s As Weird As You’d Imagine
Among Mazda’s long list of unusual engines is a little-known 2.25-litre V6 found in the just as obscure Mazda Millenia
12 Oct 2023
This Dirt-Shredding Mitsubishi EV Concept Could Preview a New Delica
A new, unnamed concept car from Mitsubishi “combines the road handling of an SUV with the comfort and user-friendliness of an MPV”.
11 Oct 2023
The Daihatsu Vision Copen Is Back, But A Whole Lot Bigger Than Before
Daihatsu’s cutesy new Vision Copen takes inspiration from the old version of the tiny sports car, and debuts alongside a swathe of other new concepts at the 2023 Japan Mobility Show
09 Oct 2023
New RWD Mazda6 With Inline-Six Reportedly On The Way
The 6 saloon is reportedly coming back, sharing an inline-six with the new CX-60 and CX-80 SUVs
27 Sep 2023
The Subaru BRZ STI Sport Is A Delicious-Looking Piece Of JDM Forbidden Fruit
The STI Sport is the Japanese market version of America’s BRZ tS, and we wish we could buy one
22 Sep 2023
You Can Buy The Original Subaru Impreza 22B Prototype
The very first prototype for the legendary Impreza 22B is up for auction, with just 43 miles on the clock
07 Aug 2023
Watch The Honda Civic Type R Remind The World Of Its Power
It's been with us nearly 18 months now, but the Civic Type R is still able to impress with its straight-line speed
06 Nov 2018
Become A Supra History Expert In 4(ish) Minutes With This Evolution Video
Want to make sure your Toyota Supra knowledge is up to scratch before the new version gets here? Just watch this awesome video
07 Aug 2018
Here Are All Of The Subaru WRX STI Type RA's Incredibly Subtle Tweaks
The changes between the standard WRX STI and the Type RA version aren't the most obvious, so who better to take us through what's new than the ever-meticulous Doug DeMuro?
07 Jun 2018
Toyota's New Special Edition GT86 Is Here To Tempt You
The Club Series Blue Edition is the latest special edition GT86 to come out of Toyota's regular model refresh programme, and the brakes and dampers have seen massive upgrades
31 May 2018
Place Your Bets For This Honda NSX Vs Mercedes-AMG GT R Race
The GT R has monstrous torque from its 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8, but can it overcome the hybrid wizardry and four-wheel drive of the mighty Honda NSX?
30 May 2018
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