Does An Engine Still Work After Being Hacked In Half?
Garage54 cut a Lada engine in half to see if it'd still function after such a drastic remodelling
12 Nov 2021
What It's Like Driving A Car With 14 Wheels And No Suspension
This Lada with a pyramid of rear wheels was made by Russian YouTube channel Garage 54, but does it work?
04 Oct 2021
Watch A Headless Lada Engine Be Spun Up Until A Piston Flies Out
Garage 54's latest experiment involves purposefully trying to launch the pistons out of a Lada engine
28 Jun 2021
Concrete Tyres Work, But They're Not Exactly Durable
Garage54 (who else?) decided to see what happened if it made a set of tyres from concrete
04 Jan 2021
Watch A Banana, Twinkies, Breast Implants And More Get Fed Into A Big Turbo
Cleetus McFarland decided to see what his C6 Corvette's 88mm turbo is capable of snacking on
18 Dec 2020
Here's What Happens If You Use Springs For Con Rods
Garage 54's latest experiment involves replacing con rods with valve springs, but will the engine even turn over?
03 Aug 2020
Putting A Hummer H2 On 13-Inch Wheels Is Tricky But So Worth It
Russian YouTubers Garage54 decided to lower an H2 through unconventional means, with hilarious results
22 Apr 2020
Here's A Tyre Being Exploded Under Sheet Ice, Because Why Not
Ever wondered how it might look if you pumped up a tyre to the point of destruction under a big sheet of ice? Wonder no more...
06 Apr 2020
How Long Can An Alloy Wheel Survive With Most Of Its Spokes Hacked Off?
Russian YouTube channel Garage54's latest ridiculous test involves removing alloy wheel spokes, and seeing how long it is before structure failure happens...
14 Oct 2019
Here's How Volvo Trucks’ Turbo Compound Engine Helps You Live Like A VIP
Thanks to its new Turbo Compound engine, the latest Volvo VNL heavy-duty truck model delivers up to 11 per cent fuel savings compared to their 2015 model-year trucks
14 Aug 2019
Dodge Made A Challenger Hellcat Sleigh And It (Sort Of) Works
This Hellcat Redeye-based sleigh - used for a new Dodge ad campaign - still has a running engine
06 Nov 2018
Watch A Car Get Fed Vegetable Oil, Cola And Water Until It Dies
Russian car tinkerers Garage54 attempt to kill a Lada's engine using a variety of different substances
26 Sep 2018
This Mario Kart-Style Experiment Involves Banana Skins And An Audi RS5
In this amusing video from Scumbag Labs, the physics of Mario Kart are tested in the real world...
24 Aug 2018
What Happens If You Launch A 600bhp Rallycross Car On Dish Soap?
In this new episode of The Hoonigans' Scumbag Labs, the team try to see if a thick layer of washing-up liquid can actually stop a 600bhp rallycross car from launching
17 Aug 2018
Here's A Motorbike Helmet Getting Obliterated By The 'Smashinator'
Motorbike helmets are pretty tough, but they just aren't a match for inventive Finnish YouTubers...
17 Aug 2018
Can You Rip An Engine Out Using A Tow Strap And A Tree?
This old Jeep Grand Cherokee had a go at tug of war with a tree, but predictably, the tree won...
08 Jul 2018
This Mercedes SLK Driver Has Strange Ideas About Roadworthiness
The driver of this first-gen SLK was spotted in Barcelona driving with a wheel hanging off after what must have been a huge accident
26 Jun 2018
5 Tonnes Of Concrete Are No Match For A Plucky Old Lada
Ever wondered whether a Lada Riva would still drive after you filled it with five tonnes of concrete? Thankfully, Garage 54 is here to answer that burning question
31 May 2018
Behold The Majesty Of This Rubber Chicken Exhaust Mod
It seems the Internet isn't done with squeaking rubber chickens yet, as proven by this new video from Garage 54...
09 May 2018
This Rant About The "Truly Terrible" Mercedes Metris Is Incredibly Thorough
Doug DeMuro meticulously picks apart the Metris - the US-market version of the Vito. And he isn't impressed...
08 Mar 2018
Watch A Crazed 2CV Driver Give A Lean-Tastic Lesson In Commitment
While being chased by a VW Up GTI at the car's recent launch in France, one 2CV driver clearly did not want to yield to new baby hot hatch...
19 Jan 2018
When All Else Fails, You At Least Have The Option Of Burying Your Car
With terminal rust setting in, bold used car buyer Tyler Hoover decided burying his 1983 Chrysler Lebaron was the best option...
12 Jan 2018
Here's The Star Of Baby Driver Doing Snowy Skids In The Hero WRX
Actor Ansel Elgort has been making the most of the excessively snowy weather New York City has been experiencing
05 Jan 2018
Watch An E46 3-Series Get Hit By A Wrecking Ball In Slow Motion
YouTube channel 'The Slow Mo Guys' hired a crane and a four-tonne wrecking ball to see how well three cars held up...
15 Dec 2017
Why Wouldn't You Turn Your E30 Hot Tub Into A Giant Snowman Transportation Device?
With much of the UK covered in a blanket of snow, YouTuber and relentless shed inventor Colin Furze decided to put his hot tub-converted E30 BMW 3-series to good use
11 Dec 2017
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