Retro and Classics

This ‘Barn Find’ Is A Dusty Treasure Trove Featuring Multiple Corvettes
A 23-strong collection of cars has been uncovered in Alabama featuring various low-mileage Americana gems
The Fiat Panda 4x4 Piccolo Lusso Is A Restomod Of Adorable Proportions
Yes, even the Fiat Panda is a restomod target now, with this reworked example coming from Niels van Roij Design to celebrate the Panda 4x4’s 40th anniversary
There's A Volvo Dealer In China With A 'Secret' Museum Above It
This Volvo dealership in Hangzhou has a small but perfectly formed museum featuring various important cars for the brand
BMW Was Secretly Doing The Big Grille Thing Way Back In 1996
Designed by the man behind the E36 3-series, this never before seen concept was intended to preview the 7-series' future
Porsche 914 Restomod Service Adds A Cayman Flat-Six And Modern Suspension
Derbyshire-based Fifteen Eleven Design has announced a restomod programme for the 914 which involves a whole bunch of Cayman parts
Here's The Sad Yet Joyous Sight Of A Mazda RX-7 Being Pulled From A River
A group of divers found six cars dumped in the same river, including a Mustang Mach I and a Mazda RX-7
Alfaholics Has Built A Full Carbon GTA-R Shell And Now We Need To Lie Down
The British-based 105-series Alfa restorers have revealed a new carbon fibre shell for its GTA-R programme, and we're in love
FCA Has Restarted Lancia Delta Integrale Bumper Production
FCA Heritage has released a video detailing how it's been able to put Delta Integrale and Evoluzione bumpers back in production
The Singer Of E30 BMW M3s Has Arrived And We're In Love
Redux will be making a run of 30 resto-modded E30 M3s with up to 387bhp
One Of Two Surviving Ford GT40 Roadsters Is Being Auctioned And We Want It
An exceptionally rare GT40 Roadster with racing history will go under the hammer this month, and it might break the GT40 auction record
The 530 MLE Is A Racing BMW The World Forgot
BMW has announced that it will restore the 100th-built example of the 530 MLE, a little-known motorsport special
The "Most Expensive Motor Race Ever" Will Have A £200m Grid
The Goodwood Revival weekend will feature a paddock worth in excess of half a billion pounds
The Aston Martin Lagonda's Quirks Just Keep On Coming
Doug DeMuro gets to grips with what he calls the weirdest luxury car ever made, which means we're in for some top-drawer quirk action...
These Retro Rides Have Been Left To Rot Thanks To A Government Scheme
A group of urban explorers took a stroll through one of the sites used to hold scrappage scheme cars, and the footage makes for distressing viewing...
You Can Now Buy A 'Brand New' Boss 302, 429 Or Mach 1 Mustang
Classic Recreations will be able to build you an officially-licensed, modernised version of any of these 'Stangs using reproduction parts
John Surtees' Stunning BMW 507 Could Be Yours... For £2 Million
Owned from new by the legendary John Surtees, this absolutely gorgeous 3.2-litre V8-powered BMW 507 could be yours, and you'll only need to find about £2 million
03 Apr 2018
David Brown's New Baby Blends Retro Style And A 593bhp Jaguar V8
They don't make 'em like they used t... oh, wait. David Brown Automotive's new 10-car Silverstone Edition is the perfect mix of classic looks and 21st Century muscle
07 Mar 2018
Check Out These Awesome Old Pedal Cars Being Auctioned This Month
A host of fascinating old pedal cars are being auctioned later this month, and with no reserve on any of them you could pick up a vintage bargain
Here's A Compelling Case For Owning A Beater
As explained in this brilliant video, owning a cheap, battered car has a multitude of benefits
A Porsche 908 Is Coming Up For Sale And The Want Is Overpowering
Sometimes a car comes to market that is so rare and beautiful that you simply have to stop, drink-in its every detail and take a few moments to remember that cars can be amazing
28 Feb 2018
I Visited The World's Best Coffee Stop For Petrolheads
We had a poke around Crossley and Webb and Sons in Cape Town - both are treasure troves of automotive exotica, and one has a built-in coffee shop...
Monday Sucks, But Here's A Mint 1969 Dodge Charger 'Bullitt' For Sale
Not only does this 1969 Charger pack an 8.2-litre V8 and a spec inspired by the classic film Bullitt, it has been owned by both Bruce Willis and Jay Kay
A Ferrari 275 And Shelby Cobra Make One Hell Of A Barn Find
A sad turn of events meant that a Ferrari 275 GTB/2 and a rare Shelby Cobra were recently found after being abandoned in the same barn for 27 years
This Abandoned Subaru Showroom Is Full Of Rare Zero-Milers
Somehow this old Subaru showroom has stood for decades after being abandoned, and it's still full of rare and fascinating metal
Jaguar's New 'Continuation' Project Is A Spectacular D-Type
After the original 1950s D-type production run stopped 25 short of the planned 100 cars, Jaguar's Classic arm has stepped in to complete it
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