The Ultimate Limited-Edition Subaru WRX And STI Quiz
Subaru has produced a ridiculous number of limited-edition WRX and STI models over the years. How much do you know about them?
20 Apr 2020
Are These Unusual Facts About Michael Schumacher True Or False?
Think you know all there is to know about Michael Schumacher's career? Then test yourself on some of the more obscure moments with this quiz
04 Jan 2019
Can You Guess The F1 Track From The Aerial Image?
Knowing an entire track layout is one thing, but can you name a circuit when shown just a selection of corners?
17 Dec 2018
The Ultimate German Car Quiz
Think you're a mega fan of all things German? Prove it by taking our quiz!
16 Dec 2018
Quiz: Can You Guess Which Cars Have The Highest Torque Figure?
You might be able to talk the talk about torque, but prove you know your stuff by taking our quiz!
11 Nov 2018
Quiz: Can You Guess What These Engines Are?
The geekiest among you should be able to tell what these engines are just from a bunch of pictures!
31 Oct 2018
Quiz: How Much Do You Know About The BMW 3-Series?
To mark the arrival of the new 'G20' 3-series, we've put together this 3er-themed quiz!
03 Oct 2018
Quiz: Can You Spot The Facelifted Car?
Extremely minor updates are all the rage these days, so can you tell which of these cars are facelifted?
18 Sep 2018
Quiz: Can You Guess Each BMW From These Cropped Images?
We've taken a magnifying glass to BMWs past and present. If you reckon you know your stuff, take our quiz and see how well you do!
20 Aug 2018
Quiz: Guess The Lamborghini
We have some cropped in images of a few different Lambos, but do you know what they all are? Take this quiz, and post your results in the comments!
08 Aug 2018
How Well Do You Know Your Car Warning Lights?
Think you know your hill descent control, climate control and cruise control? Prove it with our car warning lights quiz!
31 Jul 2018
How Well Do You Know Ferrari?
Reckon you're a bit of a Ferrari geek? Take our quiz to test your knowledge!
23 Jul 2018
Quiz: What Have We Added To These Cars?
Thanks to a little Photoshop tweaking, on each of these cars there's a detail that shouldn't be there. Can you spot them all?
17 Jul 2018
The Ultimate Car Number Quiz
Are you a whizz with compression ratios, CO2 figures and firing orders? Prove it on our Ultimate Car Numbers quiz!
12 Jul 2018
Quiz: What Have We Removed From These Cars?
We've taken some of the most exciting cars of the last 12 months - plus a few old favourites - and removed certain details. Can you tell what we've changed?
03 Jul 2018
Quiz: How Well Do You Know Your Mercedes Numbers?
Do you know your R199s from your R230s? Can you rattle off obscure Mercedes engine codes? Test your knowledge on our quiz!
27 Jun 2018
Quiz: How Much Do You Know About The Nissan Silvia?
Nissan's S bodies have cult status amongst JDM fans. If you count yourself among the admirers of this iconic series of cars, why not put your knowledge to the test with this quiz?
22 Jun 2018
Quiz: How Well Do You Know BMW Numbers?
If you know what an S38 is and aren't confused if we start talking about E30s and F80s, you should ace this quiz!
12 Jun 2018
Do You Really Know The Basics Of Driving?
Is your driving knowledge up to scratch? Answer these simple questions to find out whether or not you fully understand the basics of driving…
06 Mar 2018
Seat Wants To Radically Change Your Life With Three Questions
Want to make a radical change in your life but not sure what it should be? Just answer these three questions (yes, just three!) from Seat, and you'll be pointed in the right direction...
13 Dec 2017
Test Your Car History Knowledge With This Quiz Of Automotive Firsts
For every new automotive invention, there's a car that gets to be the first to use it. Take this quiz to find out just how well you know your automotive 'firsts'!
09 Nov 2017
Celebrate International Cat Day With This Feline-Themed Car Quiz
Since it's International Cat Day, why not celebrate it like a petrolhead with this surprisingly difficult cat/car quiz from our friends at Car Wow?
08 Aug 2017
Can You Get Level 'Expert Mechanic' On This Car Parts Quiz?
Most of us would admit that, while we’re happy to change an air filter or install a CD player, we’re not pro mechanics. Luckily, you shouldn’t have to be for this little test. Let us know what level you are in the comments below!
13 Jun 2017
Can You Guess Where The Redlines Are On These Cars?
We all know that we need to shift gears when the needle hits the redline. But do you know where that magic number is on these cars? Take this quiz to find out!
10 May 2017
Can You Correctly Name These Car Colours?
How many of these rather colourful paint names do you know?
29 Apr 2017
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