Fast and Furious Legend Sung Kang Is Making An Initial D Film
Details are scarce, but Kang - who has famously played Han in the Fast and Furious franchise - will be directing a film based on Initial D
20 Oct 2023
That Mad GT86 Stunt Seen In The F9 Super Bowl Trailer Was Filmed For Real
Although there were some CGI elements to the shot, director Justin Lin revealed that the production team really did smash a Toyota GT86 through a shop
08 Feb 2021
How Paul Walker's Fast & Furious Supra Was Nearly A 3000GT, And Other F&F Car Rejects
F&F's original technical advisor Craig Lieberman goes through some of the rejected cars from the film
22 Jan 2021
The Fast And The Furious' Car Advisor Explains The Film's Technical Gaffes
Craig Lieberman, who served as a technical advisor for The Fast and the Furious, has detailed the film's most prominent car-based errors
07 Dec 2020
6 Bizarre But Brilliant Car Choices In Film
The unexpected appearance of a Maserati Quattroporte IV in the latest James Bond trailer got us thinking about other inexplicable car choices in film
04 Sep 2020
Fast And Furious 9 Release Pushed Back By Almost A Year Due To Coronavirus Pandemic
It's been confirmed that F9 will now be released April 2021 instead of this May due to the impact of Covid-19
12 Mar 2020
The New Batmobile Is Actually A Car, Looks Like A Life-Size Hot Wheels
The Batman director Matt Reeves has Tweeted some images of the Dark Knight's new whip, and it's very different to any Batmobile we've seen before
05 Mar 2020
Remember The '$100k' S2000 Engine In Fast And Furious? It Was Worth $8k
The Fast and the Furious producer Craig Lieberman's latest video details how the 'Race Wars' part of the movie was filmed
19 Sep 2019
John Cena Is The Fast And Furious Cast Addition We Should Have Seen Coming
Vin Diesel has confirmed that the pro-wrestler-turned actor will star in the ninth film in the Fast and Furious franchise
30 Apr 2019
Here's The First 'Hobbs & Shaw' F&F Spinoff Trailer
The Fast and Furious spin-off will land on 2 August, featuring a McLaren 720S and general silliness
01 Feb 2019
Idris Elba Is The Fast And Furious Franchise's Newest Baddie
Elba will be joining the case of the Hobbs and Shaw Fast and Furious spin-off, Dwayne Johnson has confirmed
12 Oct 2018
'Cruise' Looks Like A More Intelligent Fast And Furious
Set in the 1980s, this car-themed romance is written and directed by the man behind The Wrestler
17 Aug 2018
The First Full Trailer For The Bumblebee Movie Is Here
Bumblebee is getting his own spin-off film, and it doesn't look like the typical Transformers explosion-fest
06 Jun 2018
Now's Your Chance To Buy A RWD-Converted WRX Used In Baby Driver
A stunt car used in the filming of Baby Driver is up for auction, although it's not that cheap...
21 Aug 2017
Baby Driver Is The Fast And Furious Antidote The Car World Needed
It may not strictly be a car film, but Baby Driver is a breath of fresh air compared to the hilariously OTT Fate of the Furious
07 Jul 2017
Honest Movie Trailer Shows Why You Can't Think About The Cars World Too Much
Ahead of the release of Cars 3, the first and second films from the franchise have been given the Screen Junkies 'Honest Trailer' treatment
08 Jun 2017
Now's Your Chance To Bid On One Of Dom's Fast And Furious Dodge Chargers
A Dodge Charger that featured in the fourth and fifth Fast and Furious films will be auctioned off in Pennsylvania next week
10 Mar 2017
A New Cars 3 Trailer Is Here For Your Viewing Pleasure
The latest trailer for the third instalment in the Disney Pixar franchise has just landed
27 Feb 2017
The Fate Of The Furious Super Bowl Trailer Is All Flying Cars, Missiles And Explosions
Want another glimpse of Fate of the Furious? Make sure you check out the 'Big Game Spot'
06 Feb 2017
Are You More Excited About Cars 3, Or Fate Of The Furious?
Two massive - and hugely different - car films are out this year, but which are you more excited about?
10 Jan 2017
An Extended Cars 3 Trailer Is Here
After dropping a couple of teasers, Disney Pixar has released the first full trailer for Cars 3
10 Jan 2017
This Supercar-Heavy Jackie Chan Film Doesn't Give A Damn About The Laws Of Physics
Bollywood-inspired 'Kung Fu Yoga' features an impressive array of exotics, but cares little for the laws of physics, good CGI, and how cars handle in real life...
09 Jan 2017
The Latest Cars 3 Teaser Introduces New Characters
Following the initial - surprisingly dark - teaser, Pixar has released a new trailer introducing two new characters
06 Jan 2017
Here's A Closer Look At Fast 8's Car Throwing Antics
Recently, the crew for the latest Fast and Furious film were spotted hurling cars off buildings in Cleveland, Ohio. Here's a closer look at what they were up to
13 Jun 2016
The Original Fast And Furious Film Is Coming Back To Theatres
Missed out on seeing The Fast and the Furious at the cinema the first time around? For its 15th anniversary, the film will be re-released in selected theatres
26 May 2016
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