We Bought The Cheapest Porsche On The Internet

This week, Jack and Ethan set out to surprise Edwin with the cheapest Porsche on the internet. What will they find? And more importantly, what condition will it be in?
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Brimming with confidence after bringing an exceedingly grotty Mk2 Volkswagen Golf GTI back from the brink, we set ourselves a challenge - what's the cheapest Porsche we can find, buy and restore? The idea was to surprise Edwin, although whether that surprise was to be a nice or nasty one would depend entirely upon what we'd find.

Despite prices of 944s - long the go-to cheaper Porsche - going rather far north in recent years, there’s still plenty of bargain Pork out there. So long as you’re happy not getting the more special S version, low-cost 924s are still doable, and you can find the odd 986-generation Boxster for peanuts.

The first-generation Cayenne has now been around long enough for early ones to sell for very little, but they’re also quite complex, so one of those could be opening us up to a world of hurt. But then again, 924s at the bottom end of the market are going to be rusty, giving their own challenges.

But hey - it wouldn’t be entertaining if it was easy, so we enthusiastically dove into the classifieds to search for the next resident of the Car Throttle workshop.

Take a watch of the video above to see what we found. 


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