Abandoned Dealership Is Crammed With Brand New ‘80s Fords

An old dealership in Germany has been uncovered, and it's full to the brim with brand-new Fords including Sierras, an Escort and a Fiesta
Abandoned Dealership Is Crammed With Brand New ‘80s Fords

Long gone are the days when you could walk into a Ford dealership and take your pick of a Sierra, Escort, Orion or Fiesta. Well, that is unless you walk into this abandoned German dealer - it’s chock full of factory-fresh 1980s machinery.

Unearthed by Auto Retro, the Inglostadt dealership reportedly ceased to be an official Ford dealer in the mid-'80s with a stock of over 300 cars. It’s said by the channel that the owner continued as an independent dealer until his death in 1994.

Apparently, his family sold off the buildings and the majority of the cars, keeping hold of a few and moving them to the showroom for display purposes - allowing visitors from time to time. That was until a reported string of parts thefts forced the dealer’s widow to close it up and eventually leave the place abandoned.

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The cars remain though, and each stands still in a spectacular condition. Shown by Auto Retro are three immaculate Ford Sierras - including an appealing estate. Among them is a Fiesta S (albeit missing a spotlight), an Orion and a Mk3 Escort. Each remains on their original tyres, and the Orion even has an original promo sticker in the window, to give an indication of just how untouched these cars are.

Though none of the cars were anything particularly special of their time - there’s no XR3is or Cosworths in sight - there’s something remarkable about seeing these mundane motors remaining in as-new condition.

Auto Retro travelled 1,000 miles to visit the abandoned showroom
Auto Retro travelled 1,000 miles to visit the abandoned showroom

Having travelled 1,000 miles from the UK to Germany, the YouTuber could only capture footage from outside the building though having travelled based on Google Maps images from 2010, will have been relieved to find the showroom still packed with cars.

This isn’t the only case of an abandoned dealership being unearthed this year. A spectacular collection of Saabs was found in Northern France - serving as a reminder of one of the saddest tales in recent motoring history. Who knows what else could be out there, still…


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