Wolfsburg's Volkswagen Arena Is The New Home Of Wörthersee GTI Treffen
The GTI Treffen will return in 2024, with a new home at Volkswagen Arena in Wolfsburg
26 Oct 2023
Abandoned Dealership Is Crammed With Brand New ‘80s Fords
An old dealership in Germany has been uncovered, and it's full to the brim with brand-new Fords including Sierras, an Escort and a Fiesta
20 Oct 2023
The Rimac Comes With 8 Years’ Free Charging, But For £1.7m It Probably Should Do
Rimac and Ionity team up to provide the 150 Rimac Nevera owners with eight years of free use of public chargers
19 Oct 2023
This Italdesign Concept Is A Throwback To 1973
The Asso di Picche In Movimento is Italdesign’s throwback to an obscure Audi concept from 1973
19 Oct 2023
New Audi RS Petrol Models Will Get Their Own Platform
In an in-house interview, Audi’s Head of Design has confirmed future petrol-powered RS models will be on a separate platform from EVs, and still look as aggressive as ever
19 Oct 2023
This YouTube Famous, 57,000 Mile Ferrari 360 Is For Sale
Seen Through Glass’ Ferrari 360 is currently available at auction, with the YouTuber having taken it on some pretty special adventures
18 Oct 2023
BMW 5 Series Touring Teased, Confirmed For Spring 2024
New teaser reveals the silhouette of the more sedate 5 Series Touring, and confirms the model will arrive in Spring 2024
18 Oct 2023
Citroen C3 Becomes Yet Another Electric SUV, But At Least It’s Cheap
Boo, hiss, another hatchback has turned into a pseudo-SUV. At least it should still be one of the more affordable out there.
17 Oct 2023
Jaguar Project 7 And Project 8 Up For Grabs At Same Auction
Iconic Auctioneers will hammer off a Jaguar F-Type Project 7 and an XE SV Project 8 in November
16 Oct 2023
Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale ‘Fixed’ By Man Behind The McLaren P1
Frank Stephenson’s deep dive into the Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale reveals the tweaks he’d make to the new Italian supercar
16 Oct 2023
The Volkswagen Up Is About To Die
Volkswagen’s tiny and very likeable city car is set to enter the history books as production comes to an end this year
11 Oct 2023
Jaguar Says Goodbye to Petrol Sports Cars With The V8 F-Type ZP Edition
567bhp supercharged F-Type ZP Edition marks the end of the road for petrol-powered Jaguar sports cars with 1960s-inspired styling tweaks
11 Oct 2023
2024 BMW X2 Arrives As ‘Coupe’ SUV With 296bhp M Version And iX2 EV
The second-generation X2 has morphed into a ‘Sports Activity Coupé’, and spawned a pure-electric ‘iX2’
11 Oct 2023
This New Kit Will Take Your Air-Cooled Porsche 911 to 12,000rpm
A new cylinder head kit for 964 and 993 Porsche 911s is available from Swindon Powertrain and will allow up to 12,000rpm to be unleashed.
10 Oct 2023
This 56-Strong Porsche White-Out Collection Is Heading To Auction
Among this mostly-white collection of Stuttgart’s greatest hits are some spectacularly rare 911s, a polarising 918, and even a couple of tractors…
09 Oct 2023
Porsche 911 Carrera T Review: One Option Away From 992 Perfection
Try to act surprised - the Carrera T is a brilliant sports car, but there is one thing to bear in mind when speccing it
08 Oct 2023
The 2024 Skoda Enyaq vRS Is Now The Brand’s Quickest-Ever Car
Skoda has given the Enyaq a decent uplift in power, making it the company’s fastest-accelerating car in its history
04 Oct 2023
BMW i5 M60 Review: As Powerful As An M5, As A Wafty As A 7-Series
The new 5-series in its all-electric form is a fabulous luxury car, but not as interesting to drive as 5ers of old
01 Oct 2023
This £24k BMW M2 Is A Lot Of Fun For Not Much Money
After sampling the delights of the new G87 M2, we’ve gone looking in the classifieds for a way to get similar kicks for much less
20 Sep 2023
Here's What Happens When A BMW M3 CSL Drag Races A B5 Audi RS4
This new drag race from Car Wow sees two performance car heroes of the early 2000s face-off
04 Jan 2019
Can A Competition Pack Help The BMW M5 Beat A Mercedes-AMG E63 S?
The M5 Competition has more power than the standard car, so will it be able to vanquish an E63 S?
19 Dec 2018
Porsche Details Five Of Its Weirdest Prototypes
In a new instalment of its Top 5 series, Porsche details five very unusual prototypes
19 Dec 2018
Watch Chris Harris Give The New BMW M2 Competition A Thorough Thrash
In a new Chris Harris Drives episode, BMW's new M2 Comp gets a smoky workout
07 Dec 2018
Watch The McLaren 570S Spider Make An R8, i8 And AMG GTC Look Slow
We may be more used to seeing the 720S own pretty much everything on the drag strip, but its little brother is plenty fast too!
23 Nov 2018
Heavyweight Drag Race Features Urus, Model X, G63 And RR Sport SVR
This new drag race from Car Wow sees the new Lamborghini Urus take on challengers from Tesla, Mercedes and Land Rover
08 Nov 2018
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