Mercedes GLC 63 S Review: High-Potential I4 Super SUV Let Down By Complexity
The Mercedes GLC 63 S E Performance has arrived, swapping raucous V8 power for a complex hybrid four-cylinder. We get behind the wheel to see if it can deliver…
16 Oct 2023
2023 Skoda Kodiaq vRS Review: Better With A Golf GTI Engine, But Not Recommendable
The Kodiaq vRS has switched from diesel to petrol power, with mixed results
23 Sep 2023
The Taycan GTS Is The Best Car Porsche Makes Right Now
In Porsche’s expansive range, I’m convinced that the Taycan GTS is the car that ticks the most boxes, especially with a bike carrier fitted…
11 Aug 2023
Ford Focus ST Edition Review: Better, But We'd Still Have A Civic Type R
The Edition's changes are welcome ones, and the value is unquestionable - just don't expect the tweaks to yield a better-driving thing than the Civic Type R
12 Oct 2021
The Polestar 1 Is Probably The Strangest Car On Sale, But That's Why I Love It
Using a familiar box of bits and some more exotic components, Polestar has put together something truly unique, if rather flawed
03 Jun 2021
A Quick Drive In A Mitsubishi Starion Was 20 Minutes I Won't Forget
With a great-condition Starion just sitting there and the keys going spare nearby, there was no choice but to take this 30-year-old cult sports car for a brief but memorable drive
09 Jun 2017
The Mercedes-AMG SLC 43 Is 362bhp Of Love/Hate Relationship
Great in some ways and frustrating in others, the twin-turbo V6-powered SLC 43 roadster is the junior AMG that divides your head and your heart on a daily basis
03 May 2017
2018 Porsche 911 GT3 Manual Review: Believe The Ridiculous Hype
After trying (and failing) to keep up with Walter Rohrl on a race track, I can now tell you just how good the 991.2 GT3 is with a manual gearbox
28 Apr 2017
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